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Team KQ Movies have a successful track record of producing and directing TV films, series and branded weekly TV talk shows, which have aired on leading TV networks, including the US, UK and Asia. The team have expertise in Hollywood and British Cinemas and now with this newly established company, they are working on movies and television series.

This new site of KQ Movies is underdevelopment.

in Development

Here is the list of our movies and television productions in development, contact team KQ to collaborate.

Drama, Family, Romantic - 2021
Comedy, Drama - 2022
Drama, Family, TV - 2021
Drama, History, TV - 2021
Comedy, Drama, Romantic - 2018

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John Robinson

A great meeting of Kamran Qureshi, John Robinson (Creator Composer Lyricist Producer) and Iram Qureshi

Focus, London

KQM meetings with industry friends at Focus, Business Design Centre London, UK

Film France

‪Meeting lots of beautiful people of #FilmFrance for our upcoming project.

Recce of Sutton Hoo

Kamran & Iram Qureshi during location recce of Tranmer House in Suffolk for our new drama series

UEA Spark Award

Team KQ Movies was awarded UEA Spark Award for our project, a romantic family drama film, Only

Recce of Only Love

Team KQ movies during the recce of Only Love Matters in west London.