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KQ Movies Ltd. was founded by Dr Iram Qureshi in London, UK. She named the company after Dr Kamran Qureshi (FHEA) on the 3rd October 2018. Iram and Kamran are award-winning film & television directors, producers and academics specialising in Hollywood and British cinemas. They have a successful track record of producing and directing TV films, series and branded weekly TV talk shows, which have aired on leading TV networks throughout the US, UK and Asia.

Between them, Kamran and Iram, have won many awards including Best Feature Film, Best Film Producer (New York Movie Awards and Big Syn International Film Festival, London); Gold Award for Production Design and Best Feature Film at the Hollywood Gold Awards, Best TV Film at the Indus TV Festival 2003, the Best Director Series and Best TV Series awards at the First Indus Drama Awards 2005, the Best Talk Show in PTV Awards 2002, as well as being nominated four times for Best TV Director and once for Best TV Producer at the Lux Style Awards, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009 & 2010.

Dr Iram is a Senior Lecturer Film and TV in Ravensbourne University London and also worked for Cambridge University as an assistant examiner (2011-2020). Dr Kamran is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (Advance HE) UK, Film Production Lecturer and Pathway leader (Cinematography) at the Solent University Southampton, UK .

Iram holds a PhD in British Film and Television; And Kamran's PhD is on English language feature films focusing Hollywood British and Australian cinema.  There recently produced ‘Only Love Matters’, the first romantic family drama feature film with lead intersex characters set in Britain. There next project, is a war drama on the life of Scottish Women Hospital founder, Elsie Inglis, titled ‘A Lady With The Torch’.

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is based in London, UK.

Raj Randhawa
Assistant Director

Raj Randhawa is a filmmaker and his expertise includes films, television commercials and music videos.

Iram Qureshi
Founder, Producer, Director

Dr Iram Qureshi is an award-winning British film and television producer, director, academic and founder of KQ movies ltd. Iram's

Richard Godfrey
Line Producer

Richard Godfrey as line producer for World War I Drama on Elsie Inglis War. He has more than 40 years

Hareem Qureshi
Development Associate

Hareem is a Development Associate, Photographer, Assistant Director, Offline-Editor, and Actress.

Huda Qureshi
Assistant Director

Huda is a London based Voice-over Artist and Assistant Director.

Robert Hackney
Assistant producer

Robert Hackney is a assistant producer, writer and professional actor.

Maira Hamid
Art Associate

Maira Hamid is an Artist and Author of the book 'The Expression of Art' available including Harvard University & British

Iannis Aliferis

Iannis Aliferis is an award-winning screenwriter. His dramedy script Mary and Dionysus was a Semi-Finalist at the Shore Scripts Feature

Chris Pantazides

Chris Pantazides is a Screenwriter working on with us on a movie Elsie Inglis and a television series Basil and

Frank McEntaggart

Frank McEntaggart is a Screenwriter working on with us on a movie Elsie Inglis' War: The Woman with the Torch

Kamran Qureshi
Co-founder, Director, Producer

Dr Kamran Qureshi is an award-winning British Film and TV Director, Academic and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Gary Mill is an author and screenwriter.






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